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Re: PK-5 as MIDI controller for loop set up (was MidiMate vs Allaccess)

Gary Lehmann wrote:

>I have these too and while they can be used to great effect, the footprint
>is huge (pun?  You decide) and the message is limited--as I mentioned to
>Larry by pmail, sometimes it's nice not to be limited by the size of your
>MIDI message.
I was interested in one of these too, but abandoned it because there 
were no good online docs.
Can the switches above the keyboard pedals be programmed to send control 
 From the little I read, it sounded like you can make it send messages 
on all channels,
but you have to bend down and twiddle a channel selection knob.  There 
didn't seem
to be anything like "presets" where you can save different 
pedal/channel/controller configurations
and call them up with your feet.   I did see that it can send program 
changes but not bank select.