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My new CD - "Organisational Culture Loops"

Finally we sent the master to the plant. Luckily already more than 500 
copies sold on pre ordering. A bit of a kick start :-D

I put some audio clips up at  http://www.looproom.com/.

Quote from the press release:
"Collaboration with Brittish speaker David Cowley. Initiated by Noden, 
acting as the curator. Crossover electronica with live-looping of sax, 
guitar, animated spoken word."

I had some sessions with a percussionist and we looped some unusual 
instruments. He played a Vichy Novaux family size bottle (empty) to 
sound like tablas,  and we recorded and looped the paper box my 
powerbook came in. When shaked forcefully it sounded like thunder, if 
pitched down two octaves.

All the best

Per Boysen