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Re: Gibson jacks up Echoplex price

On Sep 21, 2004, at 1:47 PM, Brian wrote:
> Anyone know where to get a new echoplex for a decent price?

gawd stop bitching don't you understand economics?

that was sarcasm. please laugh.

actually i'm not surprised at all. i expected it. these assholes 
created an artificial dearth of new units by stiffing the manufacturer, 
then raise their prices when they see people foaming at the bit to have 
their pre-paid pre-ordered one-year-in-advance EDPs delivered.

would you expect any less from the company which sued Lynx Crowe? or 
bought Opcode merely to dismantle them? or keeps trying to market their 
ridiculous "revolutionary" digital connectivity system?

personally i'm shocked that Andy and Matthias have the balls to talk 
about any of these issues in public with the track record of 
litigational and marketing terrorism Gibson has.

man, i shouldn't even post this. i fully expect Henry to be on the 
phone with the STG any minute to discuss these slanderous allegations.
Eric Williamson