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Numerology live-looping set-up (OS X)

Hi folks!

I just thought I should post a short note on the new "live audio input" 
functionality that came to OS X application Numerology with the latest 
version 1.4. This means you can now use Numerology as the host 
application for AU looping plug-ins.

I spent one day to try it out and liked it very much. On 56 percent CPU 
usage on a 1,25 MHz powerbook I had three instances of Augustus Loop 
going. Except for these three audio channels I had three more: the 
audio live input, an iDrum and a channel for Apple's Matrix reverb. All 
six audio channels had a compressor to refine the sound (Neodynium).

This "laptop only" set-up can create a lot of noise, three loopers that 
can overdub an infinite number of layers and be tweaked in real-time by 
reversing, re-pitching, time-streching etc.

I patched up WireTap and recorded the first time I patched a guitar 
into the powerbook. Not to be regard "a piece of musical work", just a 
little clip to show a type of sounds that are available with this very 
simple software set-up:

All the best

Per Boysen