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EDP hardware

hi Andy, Kim, Mathias et al

Just wondering from this recent thread about what sort of hardware 
platforms are suitable for an EDP revision.  It seems running say, an 
embedded RTlinux or one of the low latency linux kernels on an x86 
hardware platform can achieve hardware type latencies.  Have you 
considered developing loopV for a pre-specified x86 hardware setup?  For 
instance, the via eden series of motherboards can easily be made to fit 
into a 1u rack box, and they already have sp/dif out (plus, they can run 
fanless and hence silent).  I know I'm simplifying things, but it 
wouldn't be impossible to have one of these boards, with a silent DC-DC 
power supply, an extra ADA stage for better converters than are on the 
stock board, plus a linux install on a compact flash media, running 
silently with latencies similar to current hardware.  Even if only for 
prototyping, this would reduce costs associated with hardware 
development considerably surely?  It also broadens future possibilties 
for evolving Loop into areas not possible on a dedicated DSP platform, 
such as multichannel looping.  How about a 12 node cluster of nano-itx 
serving up 24 channels of edp madness?  ok, so i'm getting carried away, 
but you see where I'm coming from.

I'm not a developer, but I have worked in an audio R&D company, so I 
can't be completely misinformed about this surely?  any thoughts?


Michael Noble