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Re: Gibson jacks up Echoplex price

> I was just about to get an Echoplex but then Gibson jacks up the price 
> in a period of two months!!  This technology is getting cheaper, how 
> this happen?  Has anyone else noticed this outrage?  

I think they did this many months ago after they finally shipped some of 

It looks like the list price only went up by about $50 ( from $1249 to 
$1300 )
but the sale price at Musician's Friend went up by $150. They probably 
that there was a limited supply of these things after the last fiasco. It 
fairly obvious to me that once the last batch of Echoplexes are shipped, 
they will not pay for any more. They just don't seem to care about them. I 
this could be the end of the Echoplex unless some other distributor with 
sense of ethics takes over.

I'll never run out of bad things to say about Gibson for the way they've 
this thing. Then, they have the nerve to send me a promo brochure with my
Musician's Friend catalog pimping their guitars. The whole brochure was all
about image. They even had this on one of the photos:

   There's something special about a guitarist.
   I'm a guitarist.
   You do the math.

Gag me with a spoon!

I'm still nauseated by that and the whole Gibson/Echoplex fiasco. 
Thankfully, I
got both my Echoplexes while the price was still down. Hopefully, an
alternative will be available in the years to come. Perhaps, a software

- Dave