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RE: Gibson jacks up Echoplex price

I have no idea why Gibson has made this price increase and I will look
into it. We are selling EDPs to them for the same price agreed nearly 2
years ago. No EDPs have been made for over a year due to the lack of
payment to us from Gibson but a deal has been struck, (i.e. you pay up,
we send EDPs), and the remainder of our stock is now moving. 

For any future production however, it's not about the technology getting
cheaper; the technology used in the EDP is from the 90s and the parts
are all going up in value. Many parts are not manufactured anymore but
there is plenty of 'new old stock' which unscrupulous distributors make
us pay through the nose for; $20 for the Crystal CODEC is a good
example! As for memory, it hasn't been manufactured for years and is
impossible to find in production quantities. I had the last 4MB SIMMs
especially manufactured in the US and we bought 2500 pieces to get a
price of $3 each. That's $12 a set at prime.
None of this should have a bearing on any current stock though for the
reasons mentioned previously.

I couldn't possibly comment on any other reason why they might want more
of everyone's hard-earned cash but those who know of the guy in charge
can draw their own conclusions :)

Andy Ewen,
EDP Production Manager.
(It's lucky that's not my only job or I'd have starved a long time ago)

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Subject: Gibson jacks up Echoplex price

I was just about to get an Echoplex but then Gibson jacks up the price
$150 in a period of two months!!  This technology is getting cheaper,
how could this happen?  Has anyone else noticed this outrage?  

I've been a loyal Gibson customer for years, but this may very well
change that.  If they updated the memory again, I could understand, but
no, they are still using memory that can be purchased for a couple of

Anyone know where to get a new echoplex for a decent price?