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Re: behringer controllerRe: EDP pedals

On Sep 17, 2004, at 22:05, L. Angulo wrote:

> say Per going back to the RME; i always found that
> plugging directly into the card there wasn´t enough
> gain and thats why i got the sm pro pr-8 mic preamp
> for it but i still have to turn the gain on the mic
> preamp all the way up to get a decent signal into the
> PC.I am told that it might be because i dont have
> stereo cables going from the RME into the mixer.Is
> this the case with your card s well?

I don't get it... the level INTO your RME box and pc is TO LOW because 
the cable FROM your RME box TO your mixer is mono? Must be some 
misunderstanding there. But one thing can tell is that there's no mic 
preamp built into the RME break-out box. This means you can't just plug 
something in there that doesn't match line level. Over here I use a 
Posonus VXP (or a Sennehheiser portable) mic preamp for michrophones 
and a POD1 for guitars. Then I'm getting at the proper line level. I 
guess it's the usual -10 db (or is it -20?)

All the best

Per Boysen