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Re: need recommendation: decent drum machine software

>I definitely want an MPC 1000 .... But I certainly can't afford one right 
>now!! That's why I'm trying to use the MPD16 + software drum machine in 
>first place!

Speaking of....Have you tried or used the MPD16 before?  I too had ideas 
about getting one for playing softsynths with. I figured, MPC spec 
must be good.  Well a friend of mine has one and I finally got to try it 
out.  Now granted, I didn't play with it very long, and I don't know if it 
has some sort of adjustments that you can make, but I was VERY unhappy 
the way it worked/played.  It's velocity sensitivity kinda sucked in that 
you had to really HIT it to get full values(Might be adjustable?).  The 
annoying part though was just the sheer lifelessness of the pads. If you 
didn't hit them pretty much dead center, it didn't trigger very easily.  
just didn't feel very comfortable or responsive. The MPC1000's I've played 
were MUCH nicer. It may of been how he had it setup and/or how he had his 
software setup (battery, I think), but I somehow doubt it.

So, TRY before you buy if you haven't already.  You might check out the 
MicroKontrol.  It also has 16 percussion type pads as well as sliders and 
knobs galore, and a 32note keyboard.  Many more possiblities there, and I 
was very surprised at how well the pads played. Much better than the MPD16 
if you ask me.  I can't speak for anything else about it, but the pads 
kicked ass playing Reason's Redrum computer at Guitar Center.  It is about 
$80 more though, but I'd say it's worth it.


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