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Re: behringer controllerRe: EDP pedals

Sorry  i formulated it wrong; from your previous mail
i thought you said you plug directly into the
card.Yes,i think the problem is my mic preamp not
putting out enough juice and a guy that works in a
music store said that i wasn´t getting a strong
<monitoring> signal either because the cables going
out of the RME into my behringer mixer are mono.I
should also mention in the back of the mixer in every
channel there is a switch with a -10db +4db i still
have to test it with the stereo cables to see if this
makes a difference at all.
(Ill check out the Posonus VXP!)

--- Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:

> On Sep 17, 2004, at 22:05, L. Angulo wrote:
> > say Per going back to the RME; i always found that
> > plugging directly into the card there wasn´t
> enough
> > gain and thats why i got the sm pro pr-8 mic
> preamp
> > for it but i still have to turn the gain on the
> mic
> > preamp all the way up to get a decent signal into
> the
> > PC.I am told that it might be because i dont have
> > stereo cables going from the RME into the mixer.Is
> > this the case with your card s well?
> I don't get it... the level INTO your RME box and pc
> is TO LOW because 
> the cable FROM your RME box TO your mixer is mono?
> Must be some 
> misunderstanding there. But one thing can tell is
> that there's no mic 
> preamp built into the RME break-out box. This means
> you can't just plug 
> something in there that doesn't match line level.
> Over here I use a 
> Posonus VXP (or a Sennehheiser portable) mic preamp
> for michrophones 
> and a POD1 for guitars. Then I'm getting at the
> proper line level. I 
> guess it's the usual -10 db (or is it -20?)
> All the best
> Per Boysen
> ---
> http://www.boysen.se
> http://www.looproom.com


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