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Re: Ableton Live As A Live Looper

On Sep 12, 2004, at 15:53, soam wrote:

> I've Been trying to use Live along with the Behringer MIDI foot pedal 
> as a live looper and it's just not working like I was hoping it would.
> I have a Line6 which I love. I was hoping it would be like this pedal 
> but that I could have more than one track and also be able to do 
> everything else you can do in live, ie. change the speed.
> I have it on the default "trigger" setting. I can't get seamless loops.

It's much easier to get a seamless loop with a looper that can overdub 
recording by stacking layers into the same loop. Live doesn't do that. 
Over here I'm getting more and more comfortable with Live 4, but I 
practically never record loops into Live (as clips), because I too like 
seamless loops and being able to change the loops from my instrument 
playing, while the loops are spinning. ´What I do is to record loops 
into a looping plug-in that uses Live 4 as the host application. Right 
now I'm into Augustus Loop (OS X) but Lexicon PSP 42 (PC + Mac) will 
also do the job. Thanks to Live 4 every plug-in parameter can be mapped 
to some midi pedal or whatever...

If recording loops directly into Live, as clips, you can actually 
change speed and pitch. But these are so called  sample or clip 
parameters and can not be addressed from external midi controllers. 
That's a big bummer that, yes.

> There seems to be latency issues with the Emagic EMI 2|6 and Live 4.01
> The sound comes in too late if I use "latency-free" hardware 
> monitoring. It seems to work a lot better with software monitoring on 
> but then the sound gets doubled since I can't figure out how to turn 
> off the hardware monitoring on the EMI 2|6 without affecting the Live 
> output.

You can use one Live track for "audio input" and set that track to "no 
output". Then you route the audio to another track where you do the 
looping. Live 4 is deep, you can route streams in many ways to achieve 
different functions.

All the best

Per Boysen