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RE: Circular Logic In-Time, live midi clock sync possibilities

Thanks for your reply, Per. 

So, assuming I can get Live 4's audio and quantized clip record/playback
functions to conform in realtime to an external midi clock sync source
generated from audio, I can then have an audio clip in Live timesqeezed
or stretched automatically to play back in perfect sync with the onstage
band. Does that sound correct? I haven't done any timestretching in Live
4 yet. If I can get Circular Logic "In-Time" setup as the clock master,
then I should be ready to create some seriously heavy onstage sonic

Griff Peters

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Subject: Re: Circular Logic In-Time, live midi clock sync possibilities

Yes, Ableton Live would be fine for what you want to do. A Repeater, 
hardware unit, will also do the job. But I'm not sure about the best 
way to keep the tempo; either you tap a midi pedal with your foot or 
you extract it from the drummer with some audio to midi converting 

All the best

Per Boysen

On Sep 11, 2004, at 18:32, Griff Peters wrote:

> Are there any mac users with experience with Circular Logic "In-Time"
> software? I'm also looking at KTDrum Trigger and Control Aid.
> I'm a guitarist, mac OSX user, and I want to be able to record audio
> live onstage, store it in the computer, and play it back whenever I 
> need
> it during the song.
> That part seems easy enough, but I want to keep the tempo of the
> recorded audio/midi/whatever in sync with the live performance of the
> band onstage.
> For example, the live band starts playing a song onstage without a 
> click
> track or any headphones, etc...
> 1- The software "listens" to the audio input from a mic or trigger on
> the drum kit and interprets a tempo and creates a midi sync master
> clock.
> 2- I hit a pedal to start recording, play a guitar part and then hit a
> pedal again to store it for later playback. It's very important to me
> that the recording in & out points are quantized automatically based
> the midi clock sync.
> 3- The band keeps playing... I want that original guitar riff back in
> again on top of what is now happening later in the song.
> 4- I hit another pedal- the original riff comes back in perfect sync,
> even though the band may have sped up or slowed down slightly.
> needs to be done to the original riff (timequeezing, etc) happens
> automatically.
> Would Ableton Live 4 be the best host for this scenario?
> My drummer is incredibly gifted. His timing is killer. I want to have
> the midi clock follow the live band in realtime.
> Does this sound doable? Has anyone pulled this off already?
> I crave some feedback, because I'm a guitarist, not a software 
> engineer.
> I know what I want to do, but I'm afraid there's a big, lonely
> learning-curve.
> Thanks to all,
> Griff Peters
> www.griffpeters.com