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Re: Ableton Live As A Live Looper

On Sep 12, 2004, at 11:52 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

> Over here I'm getting more and more comfortable with Live 4, but I 
> practically never record loops into Live (as clips), because I too 
> like seamless loops and being able to change the loops from my 
> instrument playing, while the loops are spinning. What I do is to 
> record loops into a looping plug-in that uses Live 4 as the host 
> application. Right now I'm into Augustus Loop (OS X) but Lexicon PSP 
> 42 (PC + Mac) will also do the job.

I have the Augustus Loop demo and I love it so far.I haven't tried to 
incorporate it into live looping though.

When recording a clip into Live Is there a way for the loop to start 
playing right after you stop the recording?

> If recording loops directly into Live, as clips, you can actually 
> change speed and pitch. But these are so called  sample or clip 
> parameters and can not be addressed from external midi controllers. 
> That's a big bummer that, yes.

Can't you just use an external pedal such as the FCB1010 that I use for 
the tap tempo? I know that one works with the computer's keys. Also, 
can't you use an expression pedal for the pitch?

>> There seems to be latency issues with the Emagic EMI 2|6 and Live 4.01
>> The sound comes in too late if I use "latency-free" hardware 
>> monitoring. It seems to work a lot better with software monitoring on 
>> but then the sound gets doubled since I can't figure out how to turn 
>> off the hardware monitoring on the EMI 2|6 without affecting the Live 
>> output.
> You can use one Live track for "audio input" and set that track to "no 
> output". Then you route the audio to another track where you do the 
> looping. Live 4 is deep, you can route streams in many ways to achieve 
> different functions.

Hmm...I'm gonna have to check this out. Something is up with Emagic EMI 
2|6 audio interface along with Live. It was unusable in Live 2.

Tack s mycket.