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Re: EDP losing half a beat on nextloop w/ SR-16 drum machine

Hi Dave-

At 12:19 PM 6/17/2004, Dave Bray wrote:
>Thanx for the help, though, I still have not solved it. I have 
>set to Loop, as of now. Here is an interesting symtom, that may assist. 
>When I end the recording of Loop 2 w/ Record, loop 2 is in perfect 
>alignment. Then, I hit NextLoop to get into Loop 1. It quantizes, waiting 
>for Loop 2 to end, but instead of ending at the end of Loop 2 and 
>switching back into Loop 1, it plays 1/2 of a beat extra of Loop 2, which 
>must actually be the beginning of Loop 2, before switching into Loop 1. 
>So, now Loop 1 is off-beat. ????? Many thanx, dave
>>At 10:05 14/06/04, you wrote:
>>>One is..I hit the next loop button, and the EDP switches into Loop 1 
>>>when Loop 2 has ended Im using Quantize=Loop). Loop 1 sounds fine, but 
>>>going back to Loop 2, the EDP is perfectly upsidedown beatwise.

sorry it took me a long time to reply to this.

I think I know what your problem is. We found a problem when using 
AutoRecord or NextRecord and Sync in. It gives the sort of problems you 
describe. Fortunately there is an easy alternate method to do the same 
thing using one of the more advanced functions, called TimeCopy. In fact, 
TimeCopy is really the better way to do this anyway. Using TimeCopy to 
create the new loops is much more flexible than using AutoRecord.

So instead of using AutoRecord, all you need to do is use the TimeCopy 
function. When you are using Sync=in and quantize, the two are pretty much 
the same. Do this:

set AutoRecord = off
set LoopCopy = ti (time)
set RoundMode = rnd (you may want to check the manual to see what this 

Now, when you switch into a reset loop, you will begin doing a TimeCopy 
instead of AutoRecord. You will see the time counting off, and multiples 
counting according to your tempo. You can record audio during this time, 
and it is really just like using AutoRecord. The only difference comes at 
the end. To end the loop, press the Insert button (instead of the Record 
button.) The loop will round off and begin looping. It will then sync to 
the midi clock correctly.

You may want to check the manual and the Looper's Delight echoplex FAQ for 
more info on Loop TimeCopy. This function makes sure the new loop is based 
on the same cycle time as the loop you are coming from, but it doesn't 
the audio like SoundCopy. It just copies the time and lets you record new 
material onto it. Since the first loop is based on the midi clock, you 
get a time base from the same clock. This is very much like using the 
Insert function, and indeed what the echoplex is really doing is "Insert 
into an new Loop". that's why you end with a press of Insert. (sound copy 
is similar, except it is multiplying into a new loop.)

You can also use TimeCopy without setting the parameter. If you have 
SwitchQuant on, after you press NextLoop it goes into a waiting period 
until the loop switches. During that time, press Insert. This will do 
TimeCopy in the new loop. (similarly, you can press Multiply during that 
time to do SoundCopy). I prefer this method myself, since it gives me 
complete control over what happens after the loop switch. If you dig 
in the manual, this is all in there. Take a look, there may be more 
explanation there then what I've written here.

I hope this helps. Let me know if there is something that doesn't make 


Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
kflint@loopers-delight.com    | http://www.loopers-delight.com