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Re:Re: EDP losing half a beat on nextloop w/ SR-16 drum machine

At 21:18 17/06/04, you wrote:
>Thanx for the help, though, I still have not solved it. I have 
>set to Loop, as of now. Here is an interesting symtom, that may assist. 
>When I end the recording of Loop 2 w/ Record, loop 2 is in perfect 
>alignment. Then, I hit NextLoop to get into Loop 1. It quantizes, waiting 
>for Loop 2 to end, but instead of ending at the end of Loop 2 and 
>switching back into Loop 1, it plays 1/2 of a beat extra of Loop 2, which 
>must actually be the beginning of Loop 2, before switching into Loop 1. 
>So, now Loop 1 is off-beat. ????? Many thanx, dave

8th/cycle is the next setting to look at probably.

make sure its the same as the number of MIDI 8th notes in your drum pattern

andy butler