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Re: Retraction and apology to LD and Vox (Re: Vox Tonelab for looping)

First I want to say that you're totally right and I apologize.  In my 
haste at getting a new piece of gear ready before a gig, I admit I 
didn't go very deep into each effect.  I thought I had a patch set up 
with the hold delay that did what I was talking about... but it was 
*not* the hold delay effect.  It was one of the other delay effects 
that do sound like the PDS-8000 when you sweep the time.  What's more 
of a bummer is that for some reason you can only assign a tap tempo to 
the hold delay and you can't even control the delay time with one of 
the pedals.

On Jun 18, 2004, at 9:12 PM, the toy room wrote:

> I am going to have to disagree with Mark's assessment that the 'hold
> delay' on the Vox Tonelab is similar to the PDS-8000.  As for the sheer
> mechanics of getting the hold delay, I am sure I would need to work on
> it a bit more.  I didn't have the manual as well.  I was able to get it
> into 100% feedback mode, but couldn't figure out how to be playing more
> material over the top without it going into the delay line.  Perhaps
> Mark would confirm whether this is possible.

This you can do for sure.  I've got a patch set up where one of the 
expression pedals controls how much signal you're putting in the delay 
line.  Toe up, 100%.  Heel down 0%.

> As for the 'time' adjustment.  This was where I was most disappointed.
> The movement of the time knob during the hold delay was totally 
> digital,
> glitchy and useless sounding...

Actually, though disappointed, I kind of dig that for weird noisy stuff.

> The Maxon AD-999 has piqued my interest,
> as well as the EH Deluxe Memory Man.

So, again I say I'm sorry for the hasty post.  While the Tonelab does 
have some cool delay models, the 8 sec looper, while still cool, 
doesn't behave like a bunch of it's other delays.  How about the Hughs 
and Kettner Replex?  I hear great things about that one.