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RE: using repeater on control-room outputs

Title: RE: using repeater on control-room outputs

>>I use the control room out from my mixer (auxes used for other) to feed the Repeater's inputs and patch the spdif output from the Repeater back into the mixer on two input channel faders.  Incidentally, I haven't EVER noticed that annoying 'drive noise' glitch that I used to when recording to CC.<<

couple of gems here- first, using the control room output on the mixer instead of an aux send is genius. even on my dinky soundcraft folio 16-4-2-1 (the spirit model) or my behringer 2802, it's possible to do this. the appeal of this is that you can (on these desks anyway) pfl or afl pretty much anything, including your aux sends.

for the less-initiated, the pfl & afl functions on a mixer are a way of listening to an individual channel through the aforementioned control-room (or headphone) output without disturbing y'r master mix busses.

so you could still use an aux send to get stuff to y'r repeater (or w.h.y.), but via it's pfl switch, which lets you listen to the mix of signals being sent to that aux send output.

then you could push multiple pfl's to set up a sort of crude submix.
also you can pfl any of y'r main mix busses/groups, & have them go to the repeater, though if you are going to route the repeater to itself in the course of doing this, remember to engage "dry-muted".

being able to quickly change from having the entire mix go to the repeater, to just feeding it a single channel, is very useful musically. this way (using the control room output & pfl switches) gets it down to one or two button pushes.

fantastic idea.
afl is the same as pfl except that it's "after fade listen" instead of "pre fade listen"; means the channel has to be faded up before the button will send any of it to the control room output. depending how good y'r mixer is, & how flexible it's internal routing is, you may be able to use afl instead of pfl without having to have the signals present at the main mix busses aswell- you just don't route them there.

on my soundcraft, & on the mackie 1604 as far as I remember, each channel can be routed to one of two mix busses ("groups"), but you can't /not/ route it..... but if you could (i.e. a bigger, better equipped desk), then the afl buttons would allow you to set up a sub-mix to the repeater, with full level control of the various constituent signals. getting the entire mix into the repeater at selected times would then be a button-push away; just disable the afl & restore the main mix onto the control room output.

secondly- does using the repeater's spdif output really get rid of that annoying ticking sound? I have to stop mine whenever they're silent, as there's nothing to mask this noise. maybe one day someone will post these famous noise reduction mods somewhere where we can all see them.... but if the digital output is quiet, I will start using it right away.



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