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RE: Denver area looping folks

Good luck with your move Kris.
I relocated from Southern California to Denver in mid '94 and stayed
until late '95.  At that time, I was really bummed at the music scene
there.  It was very insular and very 'bar-rock', from my impression.
There was an indie/alt/experimental scene there, but trying to network,
make friends and get rolling with a band was an exercise in futility.
Alas, it just wasn't for me (and my wife).  When my mother in law became
ill, we returned to SoCal where we've stayed since.

That whole area was just on the cusp of exploding, though, when we left.
We could definitely 'feel' the city burgeoning under it's somewhat
country/mountain/backwoods roots and the true metropolis it was
becoming.  The whole lower downtown (LoDo) area was in it's genesis of
redevelopment and I understand it has really been fully exploited at
this time.

I haven't been back, but intend to go visit sometime in the next couple
of years.  The Rocky Mountains are stunning, and for an L.A. area boy,
to get away to that kind of beauty and wilderness in a 1/2 hour drive
was quite something.  The weather patterns were, for me, awesome.
Seasons?  What the hell are seasons?  From the land of Disneyland
weather, what a change!  I loved it.

As for the other posts regarding your move, I will only say this.
Golden is light years away from Aurora.  I lived on the cusp of East
Denver and Aurora (a suburb to the east of town).  It is often referred
to as Whore-ora.  My cute little duplex sat about 100 yards from Colfax
Avenue, where one could find a wealth of 'no-tell' motels with hourly
rates, strip clubs, hookers, junkies and homeless.

Golden, on the other hand, is pretty quiet and nice, although a little
quaint and backwoodsy.  You can definitely feel the money that the
brewery has brought to the town, and the Coors plant looms over the city
from some vantage points.  My favorite place there was Golden Bowl.  My
god...what a step back in time.  A bowling alley almost completely still
made of wood (chairs/walls), manual scoring, and a shoe clerk who looked
straight out of a David Lynch movie.  Bizarre.

Anyway, best of luck.  Sorry for the long winded post.  I hope the music
scene rocks for you!  If you like Baseball, Beer and outdoor sports, you
will absolutely LOVE it...god knows everybody else there did.


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Kristian Day wrote:

>I will be moving early June to the Denver area, actually my apartment
is in Golden. I'm interested to know what the looping, experimental
music scene is like there, or maybe just some cool ppl to meet when I
get there. 

Hi Kris,

Look up Mike Metlay (Recording magazine).  He can clue you in to what's 
going on in the area.  He's on the beyond_em yahoo list if you want to 
make immediate contact.  My best friend moved to Aurora last year.  He 
and his wife love it out there.  But then, they came from Cleveland so 
there was room for improvement....   ;-)



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