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RE: using repeater on control-room outputs

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Sent: Friday, May 28, 2004 7:11 AM
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Subject: RE: using repeater on control-room outputs


Thanks for the comments!  I actually have a stereo buss on the mixer that
feeds the control room output, and I can feed the buss with whatever; very
handy, for all the reasons you say!

> secondly- does using the repeater's spdif output really get rid of
> that annoying ticking sound? I have to stop mine whenever they're
> silent, as there's nothing to mask this noise. maybe one day
> someone will post these famous noise reduction mods somewhere
> where we can all see them.... but if the digital output is
> quiet, I will start using it right away.

So far so good!! 8^)  *KNOCKS ON WOOD*  8^\

Tangentially: I wish there was a cheap way to route 4x4 stereo spdif 
directly into my mixer.  I've been looking at coupling spdif/aes converters
with the Behringer aes expansion unit for this purpose, but I'm wary of the
possibility of signal degredation from the conversion.  Anyone ever used
spdif <-> AES converters and can comment to the transparency (or lack