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RE: Controllers & Expression Pedals (Thanks, and Rack Bags)...

At 05:38 AM 11/18/2003, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> >>For example, if I select patch 15, I could have Expression Pedal #A 
> up to control Volume for the device on MIDI channel 2 (in addition to 
> other program change and/or CC information spit out by that patch).  
> I jump to patch 16, however, I need that same Expression Pedal #A to 
> control Aftertouch on MIDI channel 13.<<
>what we all need is for peavey to make a version of the pc1600 that lives 
>on the floor, or for someone to go into the business of customising the 
>hardware around the pc1600 board.

I dropped off the edge of the world for a few days due to work-related 
travel, but I just wanted to say thanks to Duncan (as well as to Jeff 
Shirkey -- I think the GCPro may be able to handle remapping the Exp 
too) for the helpful suggestions.

I hadn't really considered looking into the pc1600 because I've had an old 
JL Cooper Fadermaster since forever, and it's never let me down.  I never 
bothered to take a look at other fader-based MIDI controllers until my 
got involved.  ;)

I might still have to combine one with another footpedal like the FCB1010 
(argh!), but that would only be if I still have trouble juggling both the 
Repeater and the Echo Pro with what I already have on the floor.  Seems 
like overkill, and I'm trying to keep things smaller/lighter so I can 
travel with them.  I think I can use a lot of the functions in my 
G-10/G-10C (yamaha midi guitar) to control some of the more, um, *fun* 
features of the Repeater (pitchshifting loops, for instance), so I don't 
have to relegate them to the floor.  We'll see...

Speaking of portable, I'm looking at a couple of 'rack bags' to cram all 
this stuff into (probably a 4-space & a 6-space) so I can drag the setup 
an airplane.  I've always gone in for the heavy-duty plywood stuff in the 
studio, so this is a somewhat new area for me.  However, I don't want a 
hernia, and would like to take as much stuff carry-on as possible.

Anybody got any wisdom or horror-stories on travelling with this type of 
rack gear?  In particular, I'm interested in anecdotes related to air 
travel.  Muchos gracias!!!


"i want to reach my hand into the dark and *feel* what reaches back"