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RE: Controllers & Expression Pedals (was: FCB1010 wishlist)

When I find "it would be a simple matter"  and "big multiway connector" 
in the same sentence, I have to chuckle.


On Tuesday, November 18, 2003, at 06:01 PM, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com 

> what we all need is for peavey to make a version of the pc1600 that 
> lives on the floor, or for someone to go into the business of 
> customising the hardware around the pc1600 board. actually, I'd be 
> able to live with maybe three or four of the faders turned into 
> pedals, and maybe ten of the switches. the rest of the thing could 
> live at the end of a pole above the floor unit.... it would be a 
> simple matter to adapt the pc1600 in this way- some stereo jack 
> sockets to let you plug pedals in instead of the last few faders, and 
> a big multiway connector wired in parallel with the last few switches.
> something like the behringer fcb1010 could be vandalised to provide 
> the necessary hardware. ;-)
> on the other hand- maybe there's a way to use them together without 
> drilling any holes. does anyone know if the pc1600x does anything to 
> incoming CC's, like remap them? my pc1600 is ten this year, and a bit 
> out of date....
> d.