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RE: New York EDP clinic and gigs...

Well Finally some of east coast folks get a break and get a bit of
Excellence in Looping for a change, cool looking forward to that. 


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Subject: re: New York EDP clinic and gigs...

In reference to Todd Reynolds, John Mazzarella, et al talking about a NYC
clinic in late January...

That would be great fun, fellows - thanks for the interest.  I've just
gotten confirmation of a show on January 28th in New York, opening for 
Torn (to say that I'm looking forward to this would be an understatement of
cosmic proportions!), so if we could arrange something around then it'd be

Keep in mind that these things can go on for quite a while - the clinic at
Kim's this last Saturday went for about three hours with only a handful of
folks in attendance, and the one in 2002 went even longer.

In setting up something like this, the ideal situation would be to find a
spot that can accommodate a fairly large chunk of time for discussion and
demonstration, where making a bit of noise isn't going to be a problem...
(a reasonably large living space could be perfect - Kim Flint and his
girlfriend did a fantastic job of turning their place into one of the most
accommodating and inviting performance venues I've played in quite a long

Drop me a line off-list about this, and we'll sort out details.  And I'll
post more info about the Torn show (and hopefully additional East Coast
dates) as the time draws closer...

--Andre LaFosse
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