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RE: Controllers & Expression Pedals (was: FCB1010 wishlist)

Title: RE: Controllers & Expression Pedals (was: FCB1010 wishlist)

>>For example, if I select patch 15, I could have Expression Pedal #A set up to control Volume for the device on MIDI channel 2 (in addition to any other program change and/or CC information spit out by that patch).  When I jump to patch 16, however, I need that same Expression Pedal #A to control Aftertouch on MIDI channel 13.<<

what we all need is for peavey to make a version of the pc1600 that lives on the floor, or for someone to go into the business of customising the hardware around the pc1600 board. actually, I'd be able to live with maybe three or four of the faders turned into pedals, and maybe ten of the switches. the rest of the thing could live at the end of a pole above the floor unit.... it would be a simple matter to adapt the pc1600 in this way- some stereo jack sockets to let you plug pedals in instead of the last few faders, and a big multiway connector wired in parallel with the last few switches.

something like the behringer fcb1010 could be vandalised to provide the necessary hardware. ;-)

on the other hand- maybe there's a way to use them together without drilling any holes. does anyone know if the pc1600x does anything to incoming CC's, like remap them? my pc1600 is ten this year, and a bit out of date....



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