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Re: in defense of the FCB1010

True - but the switchblade can't replace a footcontroller if your hands 
aren't free to scroll thru presets.  You would want to use a 
footcontroller to switch 'scenes' on the switchblade, much like using the 
FCB to switch scenes on the Peavey PC1600.  (And the switchblade can 
respond to controllers but I don't think it can transmit controllers or 
note messages)

At 08:48 AM 2003/11/19, Paul Greenstein wrote:
>Ok - I can appreciate the cars and houses analogy... I don't have any 
>practical experience of the Switchblade at all, but the paragraph that 
>caught my eye on their website was:
>'The Switchblade can also operate as a central midi controller to send 
>"scenes" or sets of presets to your other midi gear.                   
>In this mode, select a preset and the Switchblade sends a burst of up to 
>16 different MIDI program changes over different midi channels (8 for the 
>Switchblade 8 and 8B). Of course this setting can be switched OFF too if 
>you're already handling this capability.'