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Re: in defense of the FCB1010

Ok - I can appreciate the cars and houses analogy... I don't have any 
practical experience of the Switchblade at all, but the paragraph that 
caught my eye on their website was:

'The Switchblade can also operate as a central midi controller to send 
"scenes" or sets of presets to your other midi gear.                   
In this mode, select a preset and the Switchblade sends a burst of up 
to 16 different MIDI program changes over different midi channels (8 
for the Switchblade 8 and 8B). Of course this setting can be switched 
OFF too if you're already handling this capability.'

Obviously this is just one of the capabilities of these devices, and no 
doubt not even it's main selling point, but it does seem to fit the 
definition of a controller - no? I'm open to corrections here if I'm 



On Wednesday, November 19, 2003, at 04:12  pm, Sean Echevarria wrote:

> Why would you compare the FCB to a Switchblade?  Are you talking about 
> Sound Sculpture switchblades?  That's like comparing a car to a 
> house... apples and oranges...  The switchblade is able to send 
> program changes (maybe more), but it is not a controller.  In that 
> sense it is like a MIDI patch bay - you wouldn't use one as your 
> controller.
> At 01:07 AM 03/11/19, Paul Greenstein wrote:
>> In defense of the FCB, it is *much* less expensive than solutions 
>> like the switchblade, which (as far as I can tell from the 
>> literature) does absolutely everything, including sending out 
>> 'bursts' of MIDI controllers/notes etc. across multiple channels, 
>> which is probably what many people on this list are looking for in a 
>> controller.