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Re: in defense of the FCB1010

Why would you compare the FCB to a Switchblade?  Are you talking about 
Sound Sculpture switchblades?  That's like comparing a car to a house... 
apples and oranges...  The switchblade is able to send program changes 
(maybe more), but it is not a controller.  In that sense it is like a MIDI 
patch bay - you wouldn't use one as your controller.

At 01:07 AM 03/11/19, Paul Greenstein wrote:
>In defense of the FCB, it is *much* less expensive than solutions like 
>switchblade, which (as far as I can tell from the literature) does 
>absolutely everything, including sending out 'bursts' of MIDI 
>controllers/notes etc. across multiple channels, which is probably what 
>many people on this list are looking for in a controller.