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And speaking of Torn...

I'm listening to his score to "The Order" for the first time at the 
moment, and, as might be expected, it's very cool! First of all, he's 
working with an orchestra here, and, given that I've always thought 
Torn had a very orchestral approach to texture with his guitar 
sounds, the combination of those sounds with a real orchestra is 
really powerful, and a very organic mix. The bulk of the score sounds 
like his "Best Laid Plans" disc on ECM from the '80's, or Steve 
Tibbetts work from the same period, coupled with an orchestra. The 
last two cuts are more in line with his work as Splattercell.

Director Brian Helgeland's liner notes are an unabashed fan letter to 
Torn, and are a great read. One quote: "David may or may not be a 
god. At the very least, he was touched by one. Witness the evidence: 
He likes to say "Dude" a lot and he can be very longwinded. It's hard 
to believe anyone who can express himself so thoroughly musically 
could find anything else to say. But he does."

It's a great disc.