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Re: Help about setting up a computer-based rig

On 03-11-17 12.24,  "cristian cascetta" <cristian@accord.it> wrote:

 line into the house PA and another line into the USB/laptop.
> Sorry but I didn't understand very well:  In this case you don't use the
> audiophile for looping but for recording and/or sequencing?

I play instruments through a microphone (or electric guitar preamp) into 
USB Audiophile/laptop armed with Ableton Live software. The Live software
records, by pressing the FCB1010 foot pads, and loops back the recording
over the PA system. I can create as many parallel loops I need in this way.
> If yes, this is not my idea, as I'd like to use it to capture the audio 
> from my basses and effects, looping it via software and sending it to 
>the PA
> (or my monitors at home), and eventually sequencing and controlling via 
> my drum machine. If USB latency is the problem, what can I do?

Latency is not a problem when looping since the computer doesn't begin to
play the sound until on the next loop round. And in the Live software I'm
using the setting to quantize the "start recording" point to a note value
(using different but mostly one bar, if not going for polyrhythmic effects
like running a four beat loop along a three beat loop).

>> I think you should also take a look at the Audiophile Quattro. Think 
>> what you want to do and maybe this device will serve you better?
>> http://www.m-audio.com/products/m-audio/quattro.php
> I visited the page, do you think the Quattro is better suited for 
> Especially for the real-time monitoring/playing?

Today I should go for the quattro instead of the Audiophile USB I bought.
And like you are saying, mostly to get that realtime direct monitoring. Now
I have to split my instument (1) to PA and (2) to laptop to stay out of
latency trouble.

>>> - a behringer mixer
>> Got one of those as well. But I stopped using it since I hate the sound 
>> it. It's small, cute and well designed, though ;-)
> I hate the sound too, but for the moment it's well suited for my 
> not hi-fi needs :-)

I agree. I use it when I have to - for looping/musical reasons, not for the
sound ;-)

Oh gosh, now I'm in deep latency - have to rush for a dinner meeting!!!! 

Taker care