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Re: Help about setting up a computer-based rig

>>> I think you should also take a look at the Audiophile Quattro. Think 
>>> what you want to do and maybe this device will serve you better?
>>> http://www.m-audio.com/products/m-audio/quattro.php
>> I visited the page, do you think the Quattro is better suited for 
>> Especially for the real-time monitoring/playing?
> Today I should go for the quattro instead of the Audiophile USB I bought.
> And like you are saying, mostly to get that realtime direct monitoring. 
> I have to split my instument (1) to PA and (2) to laptop to stay out of
> latency trouble.

Now I understand where is the latency!!! I thought it was in the looping 
process itself.

> Oh gosh, now I'm in deep latency - have to rush for a dinner meeting!!!! 

That's really good!!! ;-)

> Taker care
> Per

Thank you very much, now everything is clearer!