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Re: Help about setting up a computer-based rig

Thank you for the reply!
Your post doesn't say what you are going to record or loop 
My idea is trying to set up pc based looper, in order to understand the advanced techinques of looping (what I can't do with my little headrush). I'm not looking for the most hi-fi or the most stable system to be used in a live situation, I'd like to have a reliable pc based looping system to use at home and on reharshal.

Obviously, I'll try to use the laptop for basic recording/editing, but I'm mostly interested in live-looping, or better real-time looping.

- a usb audio capture device: M-audio Audiophile

I'm using the Audiophile USB with a ThinkPad. Have been doing gigs with it
and it's a fine set-up as long as you are not monitoring/playing directly
through the software, as the latency in USB audio is too big. My own
solution to this problem is to split my instrument signal and run one direct
line into the house PA and another line into the USB/laptop.

Sorry but I didn't understand very well:  In this case you don't use the audiophile for looping but for recording and/or sequencing?

If yes, this is not my idea, as I'd like to use it to capture the audio coming from my basses and effects, looping it via software and sending it to the PA (or my monitors at home), and eventually sequencing and controlling via midi my drum machine. If USB latency is the problem, what can I do?

I think you should also take a look at the Audiophile Quattro. Think about
what you want to do and maybe this device will serve you better?

I visited the page, do you think the Quattro is better suited for looping? Especially for the real-time monitoring/playing?

- a behringer mixer

Got one of those as well. But I stopped using it since I hate the sound of
it. It's small, cute and well designed, though ;-)

I hate the sound too, but for the moment it's well suited for my absolutely not hi-fi needs :-)

- a Zoom RT-123 drum machine (with only Midi-In)
My Grovebox does'n have a midi though so I put it last in the midi chain.
This is the way I supposed to connect the RT-123, last in the midi chain, but as I'm a midi debutant, I needed a suggestion. Thanks for the confirmation.