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"loop.pool" wrote:

> Who of you on Loopers Delight know of live loopers who are not a part of
> this community
> and why have they not joined?
> Names aren't necessary, just a general feeling.  My five suggestions for
> categories are based on the answers
> that I've gotten.  Feel free to add to the list.
> a) don't want to
> b) haven't heard about it
> c) no time
> d) uncomfortable joining groups
> e)  no internet connection
> Don't worry, Doug,   there's no need to gather data on this puppy, I'm 
> really curious about how we can
> conciously expand our community.
> Our numbers are so small that preaching to the converted may seem in
> order..................lol.
> yours,   Rick Walker

I've met three other loopers in the north New Jersey area, who are not on 
list.  I'd put one in the b)haven't heard about it group and the other two 
the c)no time group.  Although I imagine that those two may be checking 
out our
community more soon.  We've become big fans of each other's music, and are
starting to develop something of a scene/community in our area.  One 
who came to my last show and also uses an older EDP, remarked that I used 
EDP much more comprehensively then he did.  He basically uses it just for
ambient loops.  He had all sorts of questions for what I was doing with 
next loop, and substitute functions.  I told him that 90% of what I do is a
direct result of things that I've learned from members of this list.  His
interest in loopers delight certainly seemed to increase at that point.

Thanks everybody,