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I know folks who've been on the list in the past, enjoyed it,
but bailed simply because the traffic is so high, and they're
just not able to remain subscribed w/out committing to reading
every post.

I know more loopers NOT on L-D than ARE on L-D.  I'd say
generally they just don't see joining a listserv to talk about
one of the myriad things they do.  And i do believe there is
something to be said for the theory that many artists don't
want daily reminders of how many people throughout the world
are using techniques similar to their own.

I've been here since the list was born, and the number one
reason i'm still here is NOT so much to learn more about how
folks are using looping.  It's because of EVERYTHING ELSE i
learn here from you wacky crazy loopists.