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Re: dancing architecture (was OTHER LOOPERS?)

i'll throw my .02$ in on this one....back in grad school when i was
doing a paper on the connection of "art  & music"--and i was trying to
find the connection that the "abstractness of music" was one of the factors
that lead to abstraction in art in the early 20th century (along w/ 
the cezanne, other post-impressionists and of course einstein, 
wagner, and a # of early abstractionists had a connection to music, 
p. klee trained as concert violinist,etc...)...well, of course i 
didn't find the exact answers and my paper got ripped a pretty good 
bumhole by my prof (his written comments were longer than my 
paper)...but in my research i found out that there is actually a very 
distinct connection between architecture and music...in that the 
ideas of harmony were developed after people started hearing the 
echos bounce off the huge interiors of gothic churches etc....

now whether there is a connection to looping...i doubt it....but my 2 
cents for the day....
ps-there was also a quote similar to the "talking about architecture" 
that adrian belew said/quoted in an audio interview i heard of him 
back in late 80's when he was w/ the bears, and the phrase he said 
had a very "Dada"-like sensibility...i of course can't remember the 
exact quote....oh well....

>Greg wrote:
>>  I love dancing about architecture! I danced a Frank Lloyd Wright just 
>One of the best commentaries on "talking about music is like dancing about
>architecture" (and I wish I could remember the source; I suspect it was 
>     Yes, and talking conveys information just as dance conveys 
>albeit in different ways. Intelligent talk can express enthusiasm and 
>shades of meaning just as dance can. Someone could certainly dance an 
>to the skyline of Manhattan (or FLW), and afterwards an observer might see
>the skyline a little differently. Or the observer might decide that the
>dancer sucked. Apply to talking about music...
>...or music about architecture. "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" by Simon and
>Garfunkel comes to mind, as does Varese's music for that World's fair
>exhibit built by Le Corbusier(sp?)...
>...or architecture about music. Thinking of that concert hall in France 
>the adjustable walls (IRCAM?)
>Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large