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2nd looper options

    All this talk of people using multiple loopers has really got me
thinking again about adding a second looper to my set up(as if I don't
bring enough crap to a gig already!)  Currently I use an EDP+ in a rack
with a mixer to loop my voice, acoustic guitar and lap steel.  One EDP
meets 90% of my looping needs.  However, there are certain things that
I'd like to do that I know I need a second looper to do do.  I'd like to
have a looper to loop just my vocals, that way I can drop out an
instrumental loop and let a vocal harmony loop to play by itself ala
Howie Day.  I'd also like to have two sepreate loop run out of synch
with each other.  I've recently seen a live looper do this and I love
the way that two asynchronous loops sound.
    Here are my options.  Obviously another EDP would be great, however
at $799. financially it's not possible at this point.  I've looked at
the Repeater, and it offers a lot of looping functions that the EDP
doesn't and could Midi sync to the EDP, however they are a bit pricey on
e-bay, would require another foot controller that I'd have to buy. and
the fact that they are discontinued does scare me a bit, and I'm
uncomfortable buying used gear.  The Echo Pro was a contender for a
while, but there seems to be a wealth of issues with it, and I believe
that it is also being discontinued.  At this point I'm leaning towards
the Boss RC-20.  It fits my budget, $300 (I also have $200 in SAMASH
gift certificates that I can use on it), doesn't require a second
footpedal, has ample time, multiple inputs for voice and guitars, and
the sound quality is quite good.
    I'm asking for your opinions on what you think would make a great
second looper to the EDP. All suggestions will be considered.