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Hi all,

In a message dated 11/15/03 7:09:32 AM, dougcox@pdq.net writes:

>Personally, I know a few loopers here in Houston, and they aren't members
>of the mailing list. They do know about the LD site and list, but I'd 
>them in the "a) don't want to" category.

I was wondering about this a bit too. I personally know some other 
who's lives are just SO busy they don't want to join even ONE more thing.
Just reading the posts I'm interested in consumes a lot of time for me.
I can't imagine someone who actually reads every post (forget about 
responding to 'em). Some folks are just not "joiners." Some folks are
too busy MAKING music to wanna stop and "talk shop" about it for any
great length of time.

Here's a thought . . .

I am also aware of something else we have seen occasionally on this list 
before: Someone who had been totally unaware of other loopers and looping 
"history" suddenly discovers LD and upon joining tries to tell us all that 
they invented looping cuz they've been doing it for X years (longer than 
anyone THEY know of, heheh).

It must be a shock to some of these folks to find that the concept is 
not original with them (nor with any of us here for that matter). They 
may be laboring away in their small isolated community somewhere with 
their looping being their one self-perceived claim to fame or 
It must take the wind out of their sails a bit to realize there is a 
looping world out there and they are just one of many, many traveling 
the same path. 

I'd bet it's a lot more than some of them would be willing to admit. To 
is to acknowledge these facts (ultimately). Human nature is funny that 
way. I'd bet more than a few of those folks are guitarists too. Heheh.

tEd  kiLLiAn