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RE: Why use 2 loopers?


I'd like to address the "two (or more) separate loopers" question:

Let me start by saying that I have several loopers or devices which can
loop, which are: Repeater, Headrush, DL4, digitech RDS, Vortex and TC D 

Now the reasons why one would use more than one looper:

(1) Some loopers have specific features which other don't have. The EDP
LoopIV has several features no other looper has. But the EDP doesn't have
four tracks like the Repeater, and nonvolatile loop storage is a problem.
The D2 (which is basically a long (10sec.) delay) has some multitap,
ducking, reversal options which you won't get (at least I believe so) with
the EDP. Same goes for the Vortex. With the digitech PDS/RDS devices, you
can modulate the loop length, getting really weird effects.

(2) Sometimes, you need more than the separate tracks the looper offers (4
with the Repeater, 1 with most others).

(3) You might want to do the Glass/Riley thing of having two loopers record
the same material, then let both run unsynchronized and let them drift

(4) You might want/need loops of different lenght going (like a textural
loop in the Vortex and a harmonic progression in the Repeater)


How to use them depends on what you want to do with them. If you want them
to do more or less the same, you can MIDI-sync them (if they offer this
feature), and also trigger some features with a single foot pedal (many
people here use a behringer FCB1010 to control both a Repeater and one (or
more) EDPs). You might want to search the archives for comments on these
issues. Syncing two EDPs is documented fairly extensively in the manual.

Everything else is really application-dependant.


Rainer Straschill
Moinlabs GFX and Soundworks - www.moinlabs.de
The Straschill Family Group - www.straschill.de
Clean Trippin' - www.dpeg.de
Eclectic Blah - www.eblah.de

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> Hi List,
> I've been enjoying my Boomerang for a few weeks now, and I'm
> starting to
> develop some questions which I hope you don't mind my asking...
> Exactly why and how does one go about using two seperate
> looping devices?
> Maybe someone can explain to me the way they are used
> together (FWIW, I'm a
> guitarist).
> Also, is there a list of great looping recordings out there?
> I'd like to
> hear what other people are doing.
> Thanks!
> Brian