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On 03-11-15 17.56,  "ArsOcarina@aol.com" <ArsOcarina@aol.com> wrote:

> Some folks are just not "joiners." Some folks are
> too busy MAKING music to wanna stop and "talk shop" about it for any
> great length of time.

Personally I find it a lot more fun to play with other musicians than to
chat with them about the music we are making. And for many years (I was
looping on stage in -83 for the first time) I never regarded "looping" any
different from just picking up different instruments to play.

Imagine a musician using looping devices because he can't find the right
band mates - I would guess he wouldn't be a natural LD "joiner" then, since
his looping is nothing but an answer to a sad problem he would rather see
solved in another way.

> Here's a thought . . .
> I am also aware of something else we have seen occasionally on this list
> before: Someone who had been totally unaware of other loopers and looping
> "history" suddenly discovers LD and upon joining tries to tell us all 
> they invented looping cuz they've been doing it for X years (longer than
> anyone THEY know of, heheh).
> It must be a shock to some of these folks to find that the concept is
> not original with them (nor with any of us here for that matter). They
> may be laboring away in their small isolated community somewhere with
> their looping being their one self-perceived claim to fame or 
> It must take the wind out of their sails a bit to realize there is a 
> looping world out there and they are just one of many, many traveling
> the same path. 
> I'd bet it's a lot more than some of them would be willing to admit. To 
> is to acknowledge these facts (ultimately). Human nature is funny that
> way. I'd bet more than a few of those folks are guitarists too. Heheh.
> tEd  kiLLiAn

Hmmm... That's really a strange attitude! I can't see why they should not 
delighted by finding out that others are also doing the same thing?

Best wishes

Per Boysen