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--- ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:

> I am also aware of something else we have seen occasionally on this list 
> before: Someone who had been totally unaware of other loopers and 
> "history" suddenly discovers LD and upon joining tries to tell us all 
> they invented looping cuz they've been doing it for X years (longer than 
> anyone THEY know of, heheh).
> It must be a shock to some of these folks to find that the concept is 
> not original with them (nor with any of us here for that matter). They 
> may be laboring away in their small isolated community somewhere with 
> their looping being their one self-perceived claim to fame or 
> It must take the wind out of their sails a bit to realize there is a 
> looping world out there and they are just one of many, many traveling 
> the same path. 
> I'd bet it's a lot more than some of them would be willing to admit. To 
> is to acknowledge these facts (ultimately). Human nature is funny that 
> way. I'd bet more than a few of those folks are guitarists too. Heheh.

Yeah. I invented the guitar too, been playing it long before anyone else 
it out. Then everyone started copying me and my unique instrument and I'm 
mad as
heck about it. 


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