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Re: Lake buttler Mitigator question

Hi Cara,

The MM5 has a single row of 5 switches - the switch on the far right switches through the 16 banks each of which have 4 programmes within them. There are sockets for 2 volume pedals to be assigned to anything. It is simpler in some ways than the FCB but I think allows for greater flexibility in its MIDI implementation.

If you want to know more, ask and I'll telll you what I can - it would probably help me get to know it more too!

At 00:23 09/11/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>  <smile>  -with the way technology is going lately, you may not have to,
>you might just be able to restore/enhance your sight!   lol! 
>  RE: the MM-5, how many pedals does it have on it?, -does it use banks?,
>and how many?, and is it single or double row? 
>  I'm personally currently using an FCB-1010 and liking it just fine, but
>wish it was physically smaller, so as to take up less floor space.  I
>usually go between four banks of 10 controls, so am curious how this one
>  Anyway, -most, best, -have an awesome day!...  
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