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Re: Lake buttler Mitigator question


I looked at the Mitigatorbut managed to get a Philip Rees MM5 foot 
secondhand first. It can either send out a single MIDI message on a switch,
e.g. prog change, CC message, note on, etc, or it can send a "sequence" of 
to sixteen commands. These sequences can either be a whole set of commands
out together (multiple prog change, note on, CCs all on different channels 
you like (which sounds like what you'r looking for) or alternatively the
sequence commands can be stepped throu with the foot switch that they've 
assigned to - each command in the sequence being triggered by the next 

I am visually impaired and had the MM5 built into a longer box with better
switches and its still cost me less than a new one would have. I would
recommend it for versatility. + it uses a 9V battery and so you could use
whateve power supply worked in the country you'r in. 

At 03:42 09/11/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi loopers,
>I am gathering info about the LB mitigator how it
>compares with the fcb1010 or the pmc10.My main
>interest is to know if it can be configured to send 
>ccs,note ons, etc. simultaneously to more than 5
>devices,and how friendly it is to program
>it,reliability etc.I also want to know if i could use
>it in europe changing its power cable.
>--- Ian Petersen <iep@mail.dk> wrote:
>> Gareth,
>> > If it runs on a universal Boss style 9v psu, i can
>> order the unit
>> > from the US and get a power supply from the UK
>> That's what I did. I bought mine from Musictoyz.com.
>> The PSU is a 
>> standard 9V / 700mA thing.
>> -- 
>>   Ian Petersen
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