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Lake buttler Mitigator question

Hi loopers,
I am gathering info about the LB mitigator how it
compares with the fcb1010 or the pmc10.My main
interest is to know if it can be configured to send 
ccs,note ons, etc. simultaneously to more than 5
devices,and how friendly it is to program
it,reliability etc.I also want to know if i could use
it in europe changing its power cable.

--- Ian Petersen <iep@mail.dk> wrote:
> Gareth,
> > If it runs on a universal Boss style 9v psu, i can
> order the unit
> > from the US and get a power supply from the UK
> That's what I did. I bought mine from Musictoyz.com.
> The PSU is a 
> standard 9V / 700mA thing.
> -- 
>   Ian Petersen

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