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Foot Controllers: Ground Control Pro vs. All Access?

I've been doing live looping with Ableton
Live 3 on a laptop, controlled by a
Behringer FCB1010 foot controller.

The FCB has served my purposes quite well,
aside from a few bumps in the road (the
second expression pedal doesn't seem to
work; occasionally I'll hit a switch not hard
enough to trigger an event, even though
the switch's light turns on; and of course,
the programming interface and user's manual
seem to have been designed for robots, not

But the FCB, with its two expression pedals,
is a good 27" long, or so. I'm flying back East
for a small tour next week, and I'd like to buy
a foot controller that fits in my carry-on
suitcase, with the rest of my gear. (I hate
checking luggage, and I don't want my foot
controller being thrown around by a baggage

- - - - -

So, my specifications are:

1) It must have lots of switches (at least 10).

2) It must be no bigger than 19" x 12" or so.

3) It should let me connect an external
    expression pedal.

4) Ideally, I don't have to make a long-
    distance call to Lichtenstein for tech
    support or repairs.

- - - - -

I have turned up two controllers that fit
the bill: the Ground Control Pro and the
Rocktron All Access.

Any pros or cons on these models that I
should know about -- ease of programming,
reliability of the switches, manuals, tech
support, etc.?

Any other controllers out there that I
should consider? (The CAE RS-10 looks a
little homebrewed, and I worry that the
Skrydstrup SC-1 would violate Rule #4

Thanks in advance for your help,

Andrew Chaikin, aka Z-ROX
(415) 929-8822

http://biggerbread.com | http://z-rox.com