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Re: Solo Loop Gig Question?

Relay wrote:

> Hey Phill--
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> Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2003 8:26 AM
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> Subject: Re: Solo Loop Gig Question?
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> > > just wondering if people play alot of ambient, psychedelic free form
> > > improv, or more structured looped chord progressions, to back up 
> >or solos?
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> i play covers by modern thinking mans dance acts such as Portishead,Lamb 
> Massive Attack as well as my own songs (again structured affairs with the
> looper used to build up a lasge omount of orchestration whilst i sing.
>   I also do stuff with the looper being used primerily at the start to 
> down a beat and some small embelishments (AL LA howie day) so I guess you
> could say anything goes.
> Phill
> ------>So do you use "tracks" be they MIDI or audio when trying to "sound
> like the record"?
> I JUST plugged the laptop sequencer into a second MIDI input on the tone
> module which I am using for my MIDI sounds when looping (it is an SC-880,
> and I bought it for its GM sounds to use for sequences years ago) and, 
> enough, if I had the strength and a gig, I could haul all this crap down 
> a venue and do both--i.e., "sound like the record" and improvise my roots
> rock and country/bluegrass (oh heck, and folk/jazz) nuts off.  Still
> wouldn't be Elvis, just a guy sitting next to a pile of (expensive)
> crap--but to get back to the thread, (caps for emphasis, sorry) WHO OUT
> IN A PUBLIC VENUE FOR GIGS?  OK, caps off--as I have said before on this
> list, no one in the audience seems to be impressed with looping in the
> context of backing tracks, but it feels "cleaner" to me, a poor sinner . 
>. .
> Gary

I use just looping for my live shows (singer/songwriter Howie Dayish type
stuff).  I don't use backing tracks.  I have to say, in my experience, 
that the
general audience is more intelligent and aware than some of us might think.
People know that I'm looping what I've played, and they are into it.  They 
to see a composition build and change.  I think that if I played along to
backing tracks, the audience would know, and maybe wouldn't be as into it. 
know that I wouldn't be as into it.  Looping enables much more spontaniety.
Every show is different.  I think that is one of the things that has 
helped me
to build a small but devoted fan base.

My two cents,