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Re: Solo Loop Gig Question?

> > ------>So do you use "tracks" be they MIDI or audio when trying to 
> > like the record"?

For the gigs im doing at the minute my "covers" are Goreki by Lamb, Ghost 
Howie Day and Teardrop by massive atack .

I dont try to replicate the original anymore then Eva Cassidy tried to 
like Sting on "feilds of gold" r whatever, I mearly saw value in the 
original composition within a looped context as they hav a repeated 
of note progressions.

I create all the sound live........i'll use Teardrop as an example

1.record short loop of my tapping on guitar to get the drum beat
2.record THAT picked riff over it.
3. transfare those parts PLUS all the bass notes for the verse and chorus 
whilst singing the appropriate vocal line (and adding deleay/reverb via 
controller where appropriate)
Overdub that much longer loop with ebowed "string arrangement" while 
second  verse chorus

(once my EDP is back up and running I want so store the first drum step on 
loop 2 so i can do a breakdown at the end)

this is just one example of my work, beliv me when i start doing it i do 
e few skeptical looks but for my last gig I had a small web-cam pointing 
my foot controller set up and then feeding live to my V-jay friend who pit 
this live feed over some other video clips and projected the whole thing 
onto a screen behind me.

I think that this made my approch very clear.

I also think that failing having access to such a media suite, it is in 
Loopers favour to explain what he or she is going to be doing before they 

  I know that all this will still fail to imress some on list and thats 
fine. I DO still play the other more "where the hell m i going" improv 
stuff, indeed in my bedroom i use this approch as a catalyst for most of 
work that end up as repeatable structured songs, its just that in my local 
college orientated music scene there are reletivly few people who are 
attracted to anyting but the tinyest fraction of left of center.

gotta go now.

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