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RE: Solo Loop Gig Question?

Hey Phill--

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Subject: Re: Solo Loop Gig Question?

> > just wondering if people play alot of ambient, psychedelic free form
> > improv, or more structured looped chord progressions, to back up vocals
>or solos?

i play covers by modern thinking mans dance acts such as Portishead,Lamb 
Massive Attack as well as my own songs (again structured affairs with the
looper used to build up a lasge omount of orchestration whilst i sing.
  I also do stuff with the looper being used primerily at the start to lay
down a beat and some small embelishments (AL LA howie day) so I guess you
could say anything goes.


------>So do you use "tracks" be they MIDI or audio when trying to "sound
like the record"?
I JUST plugged the laptop sequencer into a second MIDI input on the tone
module which I am using for my MIDI sounds when looping (it is an SC-880,
and I bought it for its GM sounds to use for sequences years ago) and, sure
enough, if I had the strength and a gig, I could haul all this crap down to
a venue and do both--i.e., "sound like the record" and improvise my roots
rock and country/bluegrass (oh heck, and folk/jazz) nuts off.  Still
wouldn't be Elvis, just a guy sitting next to a pile of (expensive)
crap--but to get back to the thread, (caps for emphasis, sorry) WHO OUT
IN A PUBLIC VENUE FOR GIGS?  OK, caps off--as I have said before on this
list, no one in the audience seems to be impressed with looping in the
context of backing tracks, but it feels "cleaner" to me, a poor sinner . .