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Re: Solo Loop Gig Question?

i've been looping for about a year or so and am now
working with 2 repeaters.  i'm a bassist and play in a
band outside of my looping (although both the
guitarist and i loop during our performances).  i've
been working on putting together a solo loop show for
a while.  i do some cover tunes and original work, but
as a song structure instead of just an improv thing. 
it is very challenging and i'm still not at the point
where i am ready to take my material out to the
general public.  i personally feel that the best thing
to do is something different which is what i'm trying
to do...

--- "s. morris" <vibraphonic_@hotmail.com> wrote:
Sorry if this is a blatantly obvious question but, I
was curious to know (since i cant hear most of you out
there) what styles of music were being played by  
solo   loop artists,   those people that just play

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