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Re: Solo Loop Gig Question?

In a message dated 11/4/03 1:10:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, vibraphonic_@hotmail.com writes:

just wondering if people play alot of ambient, psychedelic free form improv, or more structured looped chord progressions, to back up vocals or solos?

shane.....i try to do all of the above when i loop.....it all depends on the first note that i play as to where i might be headed and i don't know that note till i hit it.....what was mind blowing at an event like the y2k3 loopfest was the totally diverse ways in which so many, 3 days worth of loopers, all made use of this thing called LOOPING.....all had a different "voice" and varying ways of getting it out.....loop on! i say.....michael