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RE: Solo Loop Gig Question?

Shane wondered:
I was curious to know (since I cant hear most of you out there) what styles
of music were being played by   solo   loop artists,   those people that
just play alone.
just wondering if people play a lot of ambient, psychedelic free form
improv, or more structured looped chord progressions, to back up vocals or
solos? it seems like the 2 categories I tend to run into the most and I was
just wondering if there was other kinds of stuff going on ?

---->  When I attend loop festivals, a lot of the music is instrumental, 
not a lot of covers.
I tend to play the same kind of music looping as not--but not vocally!  I
played a New Year's gig with loopers instead of sequencers, and then
subsequently played again (same venue) for a St. Pat's thing.  A few weeks
later, I was in the same joint, and asked a patron who had attended both
performances--she thought the "canned" performance was better--but she
didn't know beans about how (or why!) I sounded like more than one guy . . 
I feel better about my loop performances than using sequences--after all,
it's "more me"--but question whether they are superior for the listener . .
. Of course, when I played at the Y2K2, I did all covers, and was not 
as the new Elvis--but I DID get Kim Flint to sing along with "Under the
Boardwalk" . . .
BTW, the EDP rules for the sort of chaotic, unstructured avant garde jams 
all enjoy assembling!