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Solo Loop Gig Question?

first of all, I just joined the group and want to say Hello .  im stoked to be here!

ive been looping at gigs for about 3 years now. i use  the boss rc-20 loopstation for my MalletKat marimba and i use the akai headrush through a microphone for vaious vocal, wind and percussion instruments.

Sorry if this is a blatantly obvious question but, I was curious to know (since i cant hear most of you out there) what styles of music were being played by   solo   loop artists,   those people that just play alone.

just wondering if people play alot of ambient, psychedelic free form improv, or more structured looped chord progressions, to back up vocals or solos? it seems like the 2 categories I tend to run into the most and i was just wondering if there was other kinds of stuff going on ?   





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