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RE: Just bought a Boomerang...Wow!

... well, yes begining of story because there's a little bit more to it 
than just Record & Stack :
        - slow speed with loop transposition 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, not only 
one octave,
        - easy and fast switching from one loop to the other,
        - loop play order changeable,
        - fun live reverse playing,
        - foot roller for volume control (fade in/out),
        - foot control of input bypass,
at the tip of your toes, no need to buy an extra pedal,
or MIDI programing; few options, very easy configuration changes !

Personnaly, I think it just misses a few more loops and an Undo function,
and I wouldn't need more.


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> You press Record, then Record again, 
> Stack as required ... end of story. <g> 

i dare say ... begining of story!.....:).....michael
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